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Breaking through the Pain Barrier

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing excruitating pain and illness, especially when nobody seems to be able to diagnose or treat the symptoms.

After returning from a holiday overseas a little more than 2 months ago, I started experiencing incredible pain, irritation and symptoms that pointed towards kidney problems, UTI's and prostatis. The only thing was, none of the many tests and scans I took came up with a positive reading.

Week after week, antibiotic after antibiotic, I realised that my immune system was being compromised and worst of all, the pain had become unbearable...akin to shattered glass fragments..ouch with a capital OMG!

I was having energy healing to help with the pain and symptoms, with some relief. This usually takes care of me, however, this time I needed more...

Thanks to a friend's suggestion, I saw an Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in Wyong, NSW. After explaining my situation, he mentioned that I was the 5th person he had seen this month who had travelled overseas and returned home with similar symptoms - and may be able to treat me for it. Well, 20 mins later, I was completely pain-free. 2 days later, my head felt clear after weeks of headaches and a 'cloudy' head space. 7 days later, I am almost ready to hit the surf again:) Watch this space.

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