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            Spiritual Coach

Jump into the drivers seat of life and create the life you so richly deserve. 

Adriana offers spiritual, health and business guidance taking you to the next level.

Shell Essences & Crystals


An elegant selection of

Shell Essences for health & wellbeing

Crystals direct from Brazil


Meet Adriana Vig


Born in Uruguay, Adriana is a leading holistic therapist in NSW. She is a mother, grandmother and wife with an extraordinary gift of healing. 

Adriana Vig
Spiritual Coaching &
Crystal Light Bed


Spiritual guidance and healing to help you jump into the drivers seat of life.

Become more confident, assertive and successful on the next level. 

Experience bliss on the Crystal Light Bed clearing limiting beliefs and removing roadblocks to health and happiness.

Crystal Light Bed
A Blog of Golden Gems


Read, laugh and cry over some golden gems. Guaranteed to enlighten, entertain or educate you on the latest and greatest.


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